Midwest SPE Conference

Where did summer go?  I cannot say.  Only that it went too fast.  Well here we are with the fall semester in full swing.  I am staying in the Chicago area for the time being and I'm teaching 4 classes at 3 colleges this semester.  The life of an adjunct.  I have to remind myself that busy is good, busy is employment.  And that is a very good thing.

A flyer I made to promote the conference to students at College of Dupage

A flyer I made to promote the conference to students at College of Dupage

I am really excited to share that I will be giving an artist talk at the Midwest SPE (Society for Photographic Education) Conference in Louisville, KY.  It is just two weeks away (October 1-4) and I am already excited and nervous!  I hope I can pull this off!  It is hard when your project is still new and still very much in the works. 

Here is a link to info about my talk: https://www.spenational.org/conferences/schedule/2015/10/03/lily-mayfield as well as info on the full schedule: https://www.spenational.org/conferences/schedule 

I'm excited to hear Abelardo Morell speak again and to see his new work.  I met with him years ago as a grad student and I am inspired by the way he sees something truly extraordinary in the most ordinary objects and spaces.

My lecture is called, The Subject Before You. I will share my new series Brood and talk about how I look for artful moments in the everyday which often means opening your eyes to the incredible beauty right in front of you.  A philosophy that influences my life as well and helps me get through times of struggle and challenge.