Where has the time gone? Musings from the life of an adjunct professor, artist, and mother.

Ah yes, I had a baby (now one and a half years old) and I went back to work “on the adjunct circuit” as I like to call it. That’s where the time went! I’ll be posting some new photos soon and updating by Brood portfolio. In the meantime, I’m still here. Still making pictures, just finding it harder and harder to sit down and edit what I shoot. But summer is here so I hope to make progress in the next few months. As always, I’m available for your photographic needs.

Here’s a new photo: a closeup shot of my daughter’s two layers of teeth as her new teeth emerged despite the old ones still being in place. I’ve never seen anything like it. Adventures in motherhood.

I’ll be traveling to Pavones again this summer. I’m thinking of the many photographs I’d like to make while I’m there. I know my time will be limited and it gets harder to make the images with two youngsters in tow. But I also know that having a plan and shot list helps make things easier to accomplish.

This past semester was one of many high hopes and (ultimately) disappointment. I had some successes in my job search but I have not been able to lock in that coveted full-time position. I think if I see one more all-male search committee I will absolutely lose it. I am frustrated that if I point out this problem, it comes off as me simply complaining because I didn’t get the job. I have never seen an all-female search committee, nor have I ever seen a committee with anything close to equal representation between male & female members. It is so strange how something so glaringly obvious (and which creates an implicit bias) can go forward without notice, or if noticed, without correction. Once again I find myself stuck in a boys’ club with no chance of promotion.

But I count my blessings. I know there are many. Things could be much worse. But I know they can also be much better.