Cyanotypes & Platinum Palladium Prints

4 different versions of Jesse & Ruby

I finally got around to taking some pics of the cyanotype prints I made this summer.  All prints involve hand-painting emulsion onto the paper in darkness prior to exposure.  The blue prints are "straight" cyanotypes - unaltered by toning.  The prints with slight or heavy brown tints have been toned with varying amounts of tannic acid (tea).  The prints that show no remaining signs of blue have been bleached all the way so the blue color disappears, then toned multiple times with tannic acid to get a rich brown color.  Some of the images are split-toned (they have both blue & brown tones) due to minimal bleaching which helps to retain some of the blue color from the original cyanotype print. 

The platinum palladium prints are a more involved, and much more expensive process that involves mixing individual drops of chemistry and carefully coating the paper.  Then you put the print through several different chemicals to develop the image. It was so much fun getting my hands dirty this summer! 

I learned a lot from my very knowledgeable instructor, Hans Klemmer.

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Abstracts of snow and shadows, shot with a Holga

A few older images from various projects

3 versions of "30 weeks" and a toned print of "Ruby at Her Table"

Platinum Palladium prints. The top one was printed from a digital negative with more contrast.