Pavones in August

One week ago I landed at O'Hare right about now... just after a 2 week trip to Pavones, Costa Rica.  I went to visit my sister, to take Ruby to Pavones, to relax, to photograph.  I shot a lot of pictures.  I haven't even gone through all of them yet. Too much to do with the new semester starting up.  In fact, I sat down to make this post because I am asking some of my students to blog, which reminded me that I have not posted a blog entry in awhile!


Anyway, there was an image that stuck out in my mind from shooting during this last trip.  It stood out in my mind as I was shooting it, in fact.

Kids Playing in Punta Banco

The light in Pavones is so lovely.  Every time I go it is a little different depending on the time of year.  This year there was a gauzy, thickness to the air.  It was the intense humidity combined with the salt in the air from the ocean.  It was visible, it was tangible.  I tried to capture some of that while I was there. The above image will probably be added to my de Pavones  series.

The photograph to the right will be probably be added to my shadow patterns series (seriously need to come up with a good title for that one).